Open House at the Plant

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today the Plant hosted an open house.  Because they house 312 Aquaponics, one of our presenters at the 2011 symposium, and because they’re just generally rad, we stopped by. Here’s what we saw.

The building is huge, with a growing room in the basement, a brewery going in on the first floor, and 312 Aquaponics setting up shop a couple flights of stairs up.

The Plant is an old meat plant. As such, there’s all kinds of abandoned warehouse space that has the eerie feel you might expect from such a setting. Mario from 312 joked that the place is haunted as hell. To be honest, I’m not sure if he was joking. We wandered around a little bit and found some pretty creepy spots.

Here’s 312’s space. They’ll be setting up growing operations and perfecting their systems in the next couple of months.

In the basement is the Plant’s already thriving Aquaponic system. They’ve got tilapia in a handful of tanks and a multi-tiered filtration system leading to these beds. The lights above these leafy greens move back and forth all the time. As one helpful employee told us, there’s no on/off switch, and they’re using some high-end light systems to keep the right rays on their crop.

Here’s some of the tilapia we mentioned.

This is an inspiring place. We ran into some friends and some like-minded folks who were getting  excited about the prospects of this project reaching its full potential. Thanks to the Plant for letting us take a look around.


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