A Big F’in Deal

December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the new Detroit edition of the Huffington Post, a recent article features the “Best Detroit Tech Startups of 2011.”  Included in the story is Detroit native Dan Gilbert, a majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Quicken Loans, and many other ventures.  Gibert has been pumping money into small technology start-ups, fueling a resurgence in the Motor City.

One company featured is Detroit Big F Deal, and not unlike the healthcare reform bill, this organization is indeed a big deal.

Corktown Cinema / detroitbigfdeal.com from Corktown Cinema on Vimeo.

The Huffington post describes the organization as “an innovative crowd funding platform (think Kickstarter, but better) designed with Detroit in mind that finances locally-oriented projects.”

Already, Detroit Big F Deal is making waves in the D.

Their current projects include Midtown Sound, which seeks to start a community radio station, and Corktown Cinema, which seeks to establish an independent movie house in the old Burton Theater.

The other two projects include a neighborhood stabilization project, and, of course, an urban farming initiative.

What makes this project so unique is its ability to only draw not only financial capital but also human capital in starting up projects on a local level. There are no funding deadlines, as with on Kickstarter, and no idea is too big or too small. Most importantly, this project is creating community where communities need to be created.

I am not from Detroit, but I know that every city would be better off with a comparable project in their city.


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