“See Potential”

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Orrin Williams, a presenter at last years Midwestern Sustainable Cities Symposium, was featured along with photographer Emily Schiffer in the Huffington Post. Their collaborative project, ‘See Potential’ seeks to bring artists and community leaders together to change the aesthetic of Chicago’s South Side.

“Currently we have an aesthetic of oppression in our community. And what does that look like? What does this abandonment do to our community and how does the built environment impact the community in a lot of different ways, including the aesthetic? What impact on the community’s psychological and spiritual well being and notions and who and what it is as a community? Photography begins to change the aesthetic while, at the same time, it creates opportunities for people to visualize and engender a new reality around aesthetic and a new reality in terms of a built environment.”

Their project has met their Kickstarter goal of raising $10,000 to post portraits of Chicago South Side residents on vacant buildings, but when did more money to a community project ever hurt? (Donate if you can – but more importantly spread the word)

See Potential

For more information about Orrin williams and Emily Schiffer see the following links:

Center For Neighborhood Transformation (Orrin Williams)

Emily Schiffer


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