Collective Giving = Collective Winning

February 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Over the past couple months there has been a lot of fuss made about collective giving projects. These projects take many shapes and forms and have had reasonable success in making every cent count. From @CashMobs to Giving Circles these organizations take many shapes and forms.

There is one organization that has been doing this for a (relatively) long time now, the Cleveland Colectivo. Last night I had the privilege of participating in their new format for giving, modeled after Giving Circles. Hosted at Cleveland’s Launch House, a former car dealership-turned entrepreneurs incubator to over 100 companies, the Colectivo heard from around 30 presenters with ideas ranging from a Pharmaceutical Co-op to after school tutoring programs, community gardens, and a Pedicab company.

There were some familiar faces there too, Angie Schmitt from Rust Wire made a pitch on their behalf, and Rick Stockburger from Saving Cities. The winner was a project called ‘Have You Met Cleveland’ who took home all the money raised at the door, a $5 donation, as well as the bar, suggested donations for beer and other assorted cold beverages. In total there was $405 raised that Sonya Pryor-Jones got to put toward her project.

The top ten vote-getters, including Sonya Pryor-Jones, will be invited by the Colectivo to participate in their interview process for further funding of projects. The format of the event was simple, the first 30 people who want to pitch an idea sign up. Each presenter has two minutes to convince the audience to vote for their project. You share your idea, listen to new ones, and meet amazing people doing innovative and beautiful things around , in this case, Cleveland. Grants from the Colectivo range from $500-$5,000 and over the past six years they have successfully shelled out over $84,000.

The night was great and I got to meet a lot of amazing people, many of whom were interested in participating in this years conference. Cross your fingers for us, god knows we could use the funding!



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