Daniel Brown, Co-Founder: Cleveland-native and resident enthusiast, Daniel is currently interning at LAND Studio, where he is working along side some of Northeast Ohio’s best planners, designer, and new urbanist thinkers. Daniel is also serving as the youngest member on Cuyahoga County’s Next Generation Council where he is advocate for much of the issues he writes (poorly) about on this very site. He dreams of starting a co-op, and is excited about the idea of being a farmer, despite his limited knowledge of horticulture. Daniel has a somewhat unhealthy addiction to coffee, Cleveland-area blogs, and Thin Lizzy. Daniel’s perfect day would involve a bike, lots of soup, the company of good friends, cold beer, and loud music.

Brad Nosan, Co-Founder: Brad is the well-dressed ‘professional’ type that prides himself on his modest knowledge of micro-brews, his extensive collection of desert boots, and his poor command of various romance languages. He is currently living in bustling Oxford, Ohio where is working on his masters in Geography where he focuses on ethno-political identity and the urban, symbolic landscape. Within the year, he plans on riding his Vespa, packed with all of his personal belongings back to Cleveland where he will promote better design and planning, socially sustainable redevelopment and geographic thought in everyday life.

Peter Murphy, Co-Founder: Peter is hell-bent on assuring the longevity and sustainability of Midwestern cities. He is fueled by kale juice and egg sandwiches and occasionally rests but never for long. He is a board member and events coordinator at the Riverwest Public House Cooperative, Milwaukee’s cooperative bar. He also works days at Rishi Tea. He lives with his girlfriend Alyssa in the beautiful Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI.

Emily Thenhaus – St. Louis Organizer: Raised on red birds and Schlafly’s dry-hopped APA, Emily comes from the third generation of Thenhauses sold on St. Louis. Currently on a sabbatical from the Midwest while working with the Loretto NGO at the United Nations in New York, Emily still spends every other minute talking about, researching and skyping the greater St. Louis area. The product of a community development specialist and a vegetable-loving marathon man, she enjoys chronicling the inspiring urban innovations that her fellow St. Louisans have kickstarted, all for love of the River City.

Mark Jacobs – Managing Editor, MSCS blog: After growing up in South Bend, IN, Mark hopped a South Shore traincar and set off for Chicago, where he has learned how to change punctured bicycle tubes in record time, and is now completing a Master’s degree in English at DePaul University, after which he hopes to teach composition and rhetoric.  He is by turns a writer, a blogger, a website designer, and a social media coordinator for the University Center for Writing-based Learning.

Ashley Dickerson- Detroit Organizer: After four years in Chicago, Ashley is thrilled to be living in Detroit and has found a renewed sense of home within the city around which she was raised. She has been incredibly inspired by the many innovative Detroit thinkers/doers she’s come to know and is thrilled to spread the word that the city is, in fact, still breathing and progressing! Passionate about the eco-friendly lifestyle, Ashley is focusing on environmental awareness, conservation, and restoration each day. She currently works through the MDNR in an Americorps program. Sewing, live music, raising backyard chickens, spending time with Blaze ‘n Baby (the feline brothers), and Buddhist thought typically keep her going week to week.

More contributors, editors, and cool people to come…


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